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When it comes to meeting women online you REALLY know what you are doing, and thank you."- Jared“Dave M. I thought the emails sounded a little weird, but hey I am a guy, right?You’d be surprised at how many happy marriages started out with a click of the mouse.

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And I’m excited to help you achieve these kinds of results ! If I can do it, anyone can."Pete, Toronto Canada I just went through Insider Internet Dating last night, and I realized something: I was doing a majority of the things already, but getting no results!

Nothing speaks for Insider Internet Dating better than success stories from our very own students. and they're a few of many, many emails just like it that I get all the time. Therefore I cannot promise you’ll experience the same results – yours may be worse, better or the same. I followed the system and I've gone out on a date every night I've had free and I hooked up with all of them except for 2. lol)I have to shut my profile off for periods of time because I can't keep up with all the responses. I tell every guy I know to try this program because it works.

In the past, I'd send 2 or 3 messages and then get AIM and then chat a bunch of times on AIM and then finally get the number. Your method really cuts to the chase, it's so easy and EFFICIENT. That said, getting your product was money well spent.

There is no easier, more efficient way to meet women than using the internet. - Dan N., audio engineer San Diego“A Quick thanks to Dave M. I met this one off the net and it was Dave's form emails (ha ha) that I sent to her.

He ageny more likely to settle for an activity like skeet-shooting with a real reward at the end of it.

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